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Coaching sessions with Suzanne truly changed my life, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work one -one with her.  She held space for me to share my personal and professional struggles, listened intently and guided me in a way that I have never been led to find my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.  Suzanne also helped me grow as a professional and as a result, I am definitely more confident in my ability to lead and make the team better.  I would endorse her a million times over.  She has truly improved my overall wellbeing.   


Suzanne really helped me to dig deep into some unresolved issues.  She showed me how to look at them from a different perspective and made me more aware of my own power.   She has a very gentle and knowledgeable way of helping me understand the root of my imbalance.  She explained so clearly how it affects my present action in a harmful way and suggested compassionate solutions to improve the quality of my life. 


Suzanne is one of those people you would wish for in a close friend.  For one, she has always been an outstanding listener, making me feel like  she wants nothing more than to understand me and the situation I'm sharing with her.  Because she has , for decades "walked the talk"  in a way most people will never attempt, she has immeasurable experience to draw from.   Her optimistic energy and practical approach to life is contagious and she's in your corner in a big way.  I jumped at the chance to be coached by Suzanne and can I just say, she has found her mission in life.   Lucky you if you get the opportunity to be coached by Suzanne; you will feel heard, supported wisely guided and all aspects of your life will be enhanced in ways you didn't imagine it would.  


With Suzanne's guidance I have learned to navigate life more fully, authentically and peacefully.  I truly had no idea how valuable and essential Life Coaching could be for me.  Suzanne is intuitive, compassionate and has an incredible ability to help sort out challenging circumstances.  Her coaching sessions have truly been transformative for me in so many ways.  


Working with Suzanne impacted my life in so many positive ways.  I learned how to further develop my leaderships skills, by understanding how my reactive thought patterns impacted my work and personal life.  I was able to take a step back and assess my actions to see the results it was creating.  Suzanne challenged me weekly but also made me feel comfortable to confide in her.  Her passion and knowledge of medical device sales made me feel understood and safe.  After working with Suzanne, 

I felt like I gained a friend. and mentor.


Before coaching I had self-esteem issues,

I felt I was lazy, and hollow inside. Suzanne showed me how my mind works. She helped me realize that I had a lot to be proud of, and that I’m a very focused person. My mind was blocking me from being productive and she had solutions to help me get started. I feel I have a different mindset now and I’m less critical of myself. I’m very thankful for Suzanne’s coaching process which made me change my perceptions, and

as a result I feel better than ever !

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